Turkey Time!

Turkeys are starting to come in! Some are here already, but all the following birds will be available in-store through our Meat & Cheese Department by November 21st, the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Stonewood Natural – 3.99/lb, 8-26 lbs
Plainville Natural – 3.29/lb, 10-26 lbs
Plainville Organic – 4.29/lb, 12-20 lbs
*local* Mainely Poultry Natural – 4.19/lb, 8-27 lbs
*local* Tide Mill Farm Organic – 5.19/lb, 8-26 lbs

Turkey breasts will also be on offer:
Mary’s Farm Natural Turkey Breast – $5.99/lb, 4-12 lbs
Organic Turkey Breast – $8.69/lb, 4-8 lbs

Come on down and pick out your turkey! Remember, we also have Thanksgiving Catering available for a short time – and when you buy $50 or more of catering, you’ll automatically receive $5 off any turkey you buy at that time! The last day to place your catering orders is tomorrow, November 18th, so act now to take advantage of this great deal!


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