Buying foods in bulk is for the economy minded, since the prices are typically better than packaged items, and you can buy the exact amount you need. You’ll find everything from beans, grains, and nut butters to granola, pasta, and snacks.

Want to use your own container?  Absolutely! Buying in bulk reduces unnecessary packaging, which saves both money and our Earth’s precious resources.


Coffee & Tea
We were a pioneer in our region offering Fairly Traded coffee and teas. Fair Trade means all participants in the production process are treated fairly, from the small farmers to the company that delivers it to our store, and that at each step along the way fair prices are paid.  We continue to support Fair Trade through our purchasing, and hope that you will too!

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Herbs & Spices
We carry a huge selection of herbs and spices in bulk, offering a significant savings over commercial pre-packaged spices sold in most supermarkets. Buy exactly what you need. We sell a lot, so everything is always super fresh!

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