We pride ourselves on our selection of local and organic items, including a large variety of local milk, eggs, yogurts and butter. Looking for organic raw unpasteurized milk and cream? Look no further than the Co-op dairy department! We offer a huge variety of yogurt and kefir as well as a wide selection of kombucha beverages. All the traditional items such as sour cream, butter, pasteurized & homogenized milks and creams are always available.  We carry a large selection of products from Organic Valley, a farmer-owned organic cooperative that purchases from farms here in New England.

Find out more about Organic Valley in New England here!

Along with all those items you would expect we also have a large variety of “specialty” dietary items. Vegans and vegetarians will have little problem filling their shopping carts with all the tofu, tempeh, and other meatless options, including a full range of soy foods and dairy alternatives. Whether you are a vegetarian or just looking to add some healthy variety to your diet, we will help you navigate the meat-like substitutes and an ever–expanding variety of dairy and cheese substitutes.

Look for these awesome local brands:

Heiwa Soy Beanery
Tide Mill Organic Creamery
Toddy Pond Farm
The Milkhouse
Misty Brook Farm
Garelick Farm
+ many more!

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