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The Belfast Co-op Meat Department proudly offers a wide selection of natural, organic, and local meats from the state of Maine and beyond.  Our focus is on sourcing the highest quality meat and poultry that is locally raised, antibiotic and hormone free, and grassfed or pasture-raised. Through our partnership with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, our fresh seafood is selected to grow both the environmental and the economic sustainability of Maine’s fish stocks.

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Beef from Caldwell Family Farm, A Wee Bit Farm, Tide Mill Organic Farm, Goose River Farm, Archer Angus, and water buffalo from the ME Water Buffalo Company.

Poultry from Maine-ly Poultry, Tide Mill Organic Farm, & Common Wealth Poultry Company.

Pork from Goose River Farm, Wee Bit Farm, & Buckspork of Maine.

Lamb from North Star Sheep Farm.

seafood 2-1FRESH SEAFOOD:

Deliveries throughout the week from Port Clyde Fresh Catch & Maine Maritime Products.


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Each week we produce a selection of hand crafted sausages utilizing 100% local meat, local produce, and organic herbs and spices from Frontier Co-op. Our quality sausages are bursting with flavor! Our Meat + Seafood workers can provide a full list of our sausage options or assist you with placing a special order.

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