The Farwell Project

The Farwell Project is a not-for-profit undertaking to restore a four-building-complex in Thorndike Village.  Farwell’s (1873-1960) was once a center for agricultural commerce in Waldo County.  Our goal is to restore the Mill, General Store, Lumber Shed and Grange to create a Storytelling Museum, Reading Room, Performance and Exhibit Spaces, 6 Artisanal Studios to teach and practice hand and mind skills that have been lost in the modernization of Maine.  We focus on clothing design and creation, woodworking, basketry, letterpress printing, binding, shingle and box building, literacy, storytelling, puppetry and instrument making.  Our Homestead Store will carry products for a healthy homestead and feature articles made in our studios and workshops.  Opening date for a small version of the Homestead Store is June 2, 2017, as we have not yet made the larger general store safe for the public.  Fund-raising is ongoing, and we welcome volunteers.  Come visit the Mill and have a tour of what may be the last intact grain mill of its vintage in New England.

Phone: 722-3112