The Produce Department offers a high quality, seasonally rotating selection of fresh produce, with special emphasis on locally sourced and organic.  Most of our farmers are in Waldo County or the surrounding region.  Starting with the closest farms first, we then reach out to all of the counties of Maine, including purchasing from local distributors such as Crown O’ Maine Organic Cooperative.
Any product labeled local is from Maine, and we strive to identify the vendors for each item.

In the spring we offer greens, seedlings, seeds and some hydroponically and hoop house-grown produce.  In summer our department bursts with a diverse variety of local produce from tomatoes to berries, peas to lettuce.  Fall sees the beginning of the later local crops: corn, melons, carrots, apples, potatoes, and squash.  Winter is a time for storage crops.  Our local farmers provide us with goods from the root cellar like turnips, rutabagas, beets, carrots, potatoes, celeriac, squash, garlic, and onions to name just few.

To supplement our local offerings, we stock organic produce from around the globe through regional distributors such as Native Maine Produce and Albert’s Organics.

We know produce!

Our staff is knowledgeable and happy to assist with questions, recipe suggestions, and special orders.  We can accommodate most special orders, of almost any amount.  Members will receive a 10% discount on case pre-orders, and in some cases partial case pre-orders.  Contact the Produce Manager for pricing details.

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